Why should I create an account on The Caffeinated Quilter shop website?

You can check out and make purchases without an account.  However, having an account gives you a convenient place to reference all of your digital patterns purchased through The Caffeinated Quilter.

I would like to teach a class using one of your patterns.  May I copy the pattern for my students?

You are welcome to teach from my patterns, however, every student must have their own purchased copy of the pattern.  Please contact me emily@thecaffeinatedquilter.com for wholesale rates or discounts for purchasing patterns in bulk.

Our guild has made a quilt from one of your patterns, may we use it for a fundraising raffle?

Of course! Please include a reference to the pattern name and www.thecaffeinatedquilter.com so others can find the pattern.  And send me a picture, I'd love to feature it on the website!

I make items to sell at craft fairs and on Etsy. May I make items from your patterns to sell?

Yes, provided that you are not mass producing items.(In other words, you are making each item, not having them commerically made). Please include a tag on the items with information like "Made from the Delectable Watermelon pattern from www.thecaffeinatedquilter.com"

I'm in the European Union, and cannot make a payment from your site using Paypal. What's going on?

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience.  I'm working on a way to accept Paypal from EU customers, and to remain compliant with EU VAT laws, but right now I can only accept payment from EU customers for digital goods through the "check-out" button on the site.

If you have a question that's not addressed here, please contact me, emily@thecaffeinatedquilter.com

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